The Arrival

We’re really glad you’ve come to stay

Just think of all the games we’ll play.

And how much fun we’ll have together,

I know we’ll be best friends forever.

They’ve sent me here to take you back.

I’ve promised I will stay on track,

So we mustn’t wander off or stray,

Or waste time playing on the way.


Here – put your ear against this tree –

That humming sound’s a bumble Bee.

He really is a dapper fellow

In his velvet coat of black and yellow.

He’ll let you chase him but, if caught

His temper runs a little short.

And so we let him stay ahead

And chase the dragonflies instead.

Then later, when the sun goes down

The moths come out, all plain and brown.

They dance beneath the stars all night

Their wings reflecting silver light

And with them dance the fireflies,

Like tiny golden kittens’ eyes

Around our heads they glow and spark

A fiery ballet in the dark.


Now look at how these dead leaves curl

You can take them to the stream and hurl

Them in the water, where they float –

A fleet of tiny kitten boats.

And if you bend your head and blow,

Away across the stream they go,

Until they reach some distant shore –

An unknown country to explore

And claim for all of Kittenkind

(And anyone we’ve left behind).

Now, this is how we cross the stream,

All roped together as a team,

Battered by the churning foam

Which tries to fling us off this stone

And drag us down into the depths…

No, really we just use these steps.

Across these little rocks we hop

And on the middle one we stop

To skim a stone and make a wish,

But careful not to scare the fish.


And now we’re on the other side

A great savannah, vast and wide

Where lions slink, hyenas lope

And cheetahs chase the antelope,

The zebras graze, the vultures soar

And we must cross – but not before

I’ve scaled the mighty look-out tree

To check it’s safe – what can I see?


A slightly angry Auntie Quark

Who said we must be home by dark

I think we might be slightly late

The other guests won’t want to wait

For potted shrimp and seafood paste

And sardine sandwiches that taste

Like salty oceans on your tongue

And drip with oozy oils that run

Into your fur and make it sticky

(Which can make cleaning up quite tricky.)

Then, after games and cake and pie

We’ll chant your praises to the sky,

And, once she’s sure of who you are

The Lady Moon will light your star.

A tiny point of diamond light

To comfort mama every night.

We’re nearly home – there’s Cindy Lou

And Taps and Rain and Toothless too.

We’re all your sisters, all your brothers,

Uncles, aunties, cousins, mothers…

All here to welcome you with love..

Me? I’m your favourite sister, Dove.

6 thoughts on “The Arrival

  1. So very touching Jill. The words flow and the pictures glow with the love we want the others to share with Nano. You were perfect to choose Dove to be the Narrator. ❤ You never disappoint.


  2. This is so lovely, Jill. I was hoping you would help Nano to the bridge. It was a wonderful trip and Dove made an excellent escort. I hope Nano gets to chew her ear a lot.

    May the Infinite Love bless you for your kindness in helping us accept all our beloveds’ passings.


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