On the passing of Peter…

Tonight we sing to the moon

Come to your windows, come out to your gardens, your yards, your balconies, your roofs, and your walls. Put the word out to your families, friends and neighbours. Everybody is welcome, mothers and sons, fathers and daughters, for tonight the Great Circle is coming together to commemorate and celebrate the life of a tiny kitten whose time on earth was too short for Her Ladyship to have named him, but who was called Peter by those hoomins who knew and cherished him.

Welcome, Miranda and Ellie-Marie, Rosemary and Ripley, Laika and Kari, Hazel, Glados and Dory and all of your children, for you have a special connection with this little lost one and his mother. Let us send our thoughts to Janine tonight, to comfort her and to give her strength to nurture the little ones who still need her. We will call her into the circle soon, when the time is right.

Look up and to the left hand of the Lady Moon. There is the group of stars we call The Queen, which is the manifestation of the great she-cat who protects and cares for those who have crossed the bridge. She will have sent an emissary to the end of the bridge to greet the one who is coming, for he should not start this journey alone and friendless. Soon, as the sun goes down and the sky blackens, we will see him arrive and we will name his star and he will twinkle and glitter in the night sky as he plays with his new friends.

And we shall also turn and seek out in the sky the two constellations which our sister Rosemary named and added to our pantheon a year ago. They are the ones named The Father and The Son. We will bow our heads and pay homage to the good, wise and compassionate hoomin for whom The Father is named, for he did his best for Peter and he will continue to do his best for Janine and her boys, and his best is very good indeed. His praises have been sung in The Circle many times before, but tonight we also send our love and our strength, for this is not an easy situation for hoomins to accept.

But first, let us sing to The Moon in praise of little Peter, whose life was so short, but so full of potential. He will live on in his brothers and his mother and in our memories and our hearts. And he will play among the stars and watch over his family and the hoomins who cared for him.

Look – the stars are fully out now and Peter is arriving, to sit beside our little friend Honey and to look down upon his family with love. Janine will understand all of this soon. And, maybe, so will the hoomins. His star is named. He will never be forgotten.

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