The Day of the Dead

I’ve had this one hanging around for a couple of weeks, but as the Babylon Six are going for adoption today and it’s already half way through November…

“Tell me again what I do with this broom…”
“You push it” said Susan “to sweep up the room”.
Uncle Kougra had told them to polish and buff
So they dusted and tidied and hid all their stuff.

“Tonight will be special”, their uncle had said
“It’s the time when we gather to honour the dead.
So polish your whiskers and tuck in your vests
As we’re going to play host to some most honoured guests”

The kittens weren’t sure they’d be very good hosts –
Do you give snacks to zombies or drinkies to ghosts?
Do you tell jokes to vampires and – well, what the heck
Do you say to a guy with a bolt through his neck?

As the sun turned to red and the sky turned to flame,
The guests were arriving, by the dozen they came.
They were hanging up streamers and blowing balloons
And laying up tables with knives, forks and spoons.

There were platters and glasses and bowls and tureens
Filled with more food and drink than the kittens had seen.
And Spices and Ripleys and Clones and AI’s
All gossiped and chatted, while watching the skies.

Then away in the distance, the sound of a bell
Rang the first stroke of midnight – a deep silence fell.
Then a breeze like a whisper, a change in the air
Like the breath of a ghost, and they were just…there.

There was Kari’s lost baby and Holly’s lost mum,
What a shriek of delight as Janine found her son!
And Tory hugged Loki and Tuffy kissed Grant
And Neil just kissed everyone – who says he can’t?

And Rosie and George found a quiet place to chat,
While Peter and Honey attacked Zombie Rat.
And the moon bathed the room in a magical light,
All together again, for just one special night.

Then Keiara and Sheba stole out of the door
To seek out the soul mate they’d lived with before.
And, leaving the others to party all night,
They jumped on his bed and they snuggled up tight.

What a party ensued – what a hullaballoo!
There was Musical Cat Trees and Poop-in-the-shoe,
Pin-the-tail-on-the-vet and Squeak-kitty-squeak,
And enough games of Sardines to last for a week.

There was tuna and crab paste and kibble with dip,
There was Ice cream and custard and big bowls of nip.
They munched and they slurped till the food was all gone
And then, as they relaxed, someone called for a song.

Kari stepped up and she started to sing,
But she had to keep stopping when Marcus joined in.
So Eddie and Holly, and Egon and Ray
Picked up their guitars and they started to play,

And the cats jumped and hopped to the sound of the boys
And the room filled with laughter and colour and noise.
So they tangoed and jived till the furniture shook
All friends reunited, till someone said “Look!”

Along the horizon, a grey misty light
Brought an end to the party, an end to the night.
So, softly and sadly, they said their goodbyes
And cuddled and hugged, brushing tears from their eyes.

And, in the dark bedroom, he started to stir
At the touch of a whisker, the sound of a purr.
And opening an eye – well he couldn’t be sure
But it looked like a tail that just went through the door.

With a last glance around them, as night turned to day
The dead and the living crept softly away.
And the kittens looked round them with shock and with awe
At the wreck and detritus strewn over the floor.

The carpet was ruined, the curtains were torn
“He’s going to be livid” wailed Marcus, forlorn.
But he cuddled the kittens and, smiling, he said
“It’s the same every year on the Day of the Dead”

7 thoughts on “The Day of the Dead

  1. Beautiful,,, sadly beautiful… Good thing they got to play Poop-In-The-Shoe or I would have fallen completely apart. Thank you Jill, you did it again.


  2. Ditto what trulydi says! Thanks so much for sharing. It made me shed a tear for Ebony, Willow, Cleo, Smoke, Cali and Fanni, but I loved it!


  3. brilliant, just brilliant………full of emotion and memories and sadness and joy….what a joy to read, as always….
    please please please publish a book…….the line will stretch around the block, with credit cards in hand…….


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