Kari’s Valediction

And finally….

Kari’s valediction

So, my children, the time we all knew was coming has finally arrived. You are on the threshold of your greatest adventure and we must all be brave and look to the future. Because what a future it’s going to be. This is the last time we are all going to be a family and we will probably never see each other again, but that is the way it has to be. Our time together is just the first step down the long road of our lives. It is time to pack up our things and move on.

Tomorrow, you will be taken into the homes of hoomins. Good hoomins, like the ones we have encountered here and you will enter into the pact with them that will sustain your lives, and theirs, for the rest of your days. They will provide you with shelter, warmth, food and safety, as well as companionship and love. But you must keep your side of the bargain too.

My two boys – your role is to bring joy and laughter, comfort and sustainance to your people. Their lives are complicated, I have discovered, and they have many cares and troubles. It is for you to lessen those cares, to lighten their load, to wish them a good day when they leave home and to be their joyous first sight when they return. Be strong for them and keep watch over them. Learn their moods and know when to respond with a purr, a murr, a knead of the paw. And remember to pursue the red dot at all times. Without fail. This makes them happy.

My two girls – you will be so beautiful when you grow up. Teach them your beauty and patience and tolerance. Share with them your wisdom, your tranquility, your peace. Be their playmate in the good times and their rock when things are bad.

All of you, use the gifts you have – your eyes, ears, noses, cheeks and tails; your purrs and your paws. Remember to retract your claws and soften your mouths and don’t forget to sing to them that all is well during the night time. Hoomins are creatures of the daylight. They are afraid of the dark, so they will appreciate this. Remember too to leave a little piece of yourselves on all the things they touch, to remind them that you love them. You were endowed with fur for this purpose.

Enjoy the rest of your kittenhood. It should be full of love and fun and games. There will be no responsibilities placed on you, so make the most of this golden time, for it will soon pass. But, girls, remember to count the turns of the moon. When she has turned twelve times, listen for me. I will be calling for you from the Great Circle.

So, let us move over here where the watchers cannot see us, and say our last goodbyes. Let us touch our paws together and take The Oath – the one I have been teaching you. It is not to be taken lightly. Think about the things we pledge and take them forward into your new lives. Now, let us touch noses.

Goodbye, my darling babies. I am so proud of you. Be strong tomorrow and every day after, and remember to look forward to the future with excitement, not back to the past with sadness. I will miss you so much, but I know you are going to be extraordinary. I love you all.

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